Justin Bieber is trying really, really hard to convince people he's good at sports

Justin Bieber drinking Lars Baron Getty imagesLars Baron/Getty imagesJustin Bieber drinks champagne during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

There’s much more to Justin Bieber than his simple singer and song-of-the-summer machine facade would have you believe. Assuming you are one of his 77.6 million Instagram followers (as I am), he’d also like you to know that he’s an amateur basketball, soccer, and hockey player, as well as a wakeboarder, boxer, and skateboarder. 

Followers of Bieber’s Instagram are sure to have noticed the bevy of videos that crop up from time to time, all of which show the pop star performing average acts of athleticism.

The latest of these was a clip uploaded on August 10, showing Bieber playing hockey (the sport of his home country). The video was captioned: “My through the legs dangle didn’t work #32.” Upon pressing play, you naturally follow #32 — the Biebs himself — as he tries and fails to make a goal.

My through the legs dangle didn't work #32

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

As my Canadian colleague Lisa Ryan points out, being semi-good at hockey isn’t very impressive if one is Canadian. But this isn’t the first time Bieber has shown off some “skills” in the athletic arena.

Here he is in July, sparring at a boxing gym with an opponent about twice his size. Note the man filming who seems especially stoked when Bieber lands a punch:

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

To Bieber’s credit, there are six videos in this boxing series, one of which is captioned “got me” and allows viewers to watch the singer get punched in the face.

Then there’s this gem, in which Bieber compared his speed-demon performance on a jet-surf to that of a lesser human named Martin.


A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Bieber has also channeled Ryan Gosling’s “Place Beyond the Pines” character for a day of motocrossing and messed around with a soccer ball in his backyard.

Earlier this year, Bieber’s Instagram thread was all about basketball. Clips of him shooting three-pointers and dribbling in circles around other men brought out the critics on his page. He captioned this compilation video with a disclaimer (all sic): “A big f— you to all the basketball playing trolls online saying i have bad form first of all I’m not a basketball player I’m a singer lol second of All I’ll work on my form ;)”.

At this point, I’m just eager to see what sport Bieber chooses to showcase next. Volleyball? Water polo? Rhythmic gymnastics? The thing is, he really is a capable athlete. I certainly wouldn’t be able to ride a jet-surf going 45 miles per hour, nor can I shoot a three-pointer to save my life.

If I was a 22-year-old with millions of dollars, I’d probably take up just as many hobbies, especially if millions of people told me how insanely talented I was every time I uploaded a video of myself achieving mediocrity on the court.

But the fact remains, Bieber is still trying really, really hard to convince the world he’s good at sports.

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