Is It Really Appropriate To Fly In Shorts?

I don’t mean to be a fashion prude.

I also love wearing shorts — when it is appropriate to wear them.

But is it really appropriate to wear them when flying commercial?

Two fellows in the security line ahead of me this morning at the San Francisco International Airport were wearing shorts (picture below). I won’t go so far as to say I was appalled by this, but I did quietly hope that I wouldn’t be sitting next to them.

Why not?

Well, frankly, because I didn’t relish the thought of having their sweat and leg hair smeared all over my suit. And given that we will packed into our seats together like olives in an jar, it seemed highly likely that there was going to be some leg contact.

Basically, it seemed to me that wearing shorts on a jammed commercial airliner — the epitome of a shared frustrating social experience in which everyone should be on their most polite and respectful behaviour — was a bit selfish and rude.

Agree? Disagree? Lighten up, you old prude?

My future seatmates, ready for their day by the pool:

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