Is George Soros The Weak Link In The Globalist/Neocon Alliance?

There has been a boatload written about George Soros that is of dubious value. For example, Glenn Beck blasted him for actions as a 13 year old boy under Nazi rule. The way I look at it, if Jews sympathize with Soros at age 13, then Beck should just keep his mouth shut. There are other issues that are current and pressing that do not need character assassination to deal with.

I am more interested in the relationship of Neocons and Globalists. It would seem that the interests are very aligned, with Soros being a major exception.

There are a few things that I agree with Soros about. I agree that oil wars waged by the neocons were hurtful to the world economy. I agree with him that banks gave out predatory loans that were not protective of the people. But, his solution to this is to always say that more than financial reform is needed. I am quite certain that he has a goal of a unified world government. That may not be his practical solution, but is his wishful solution for the future.

And I have to say that I am opposed to that. I have written that I am opposed to the dangerous excesses of globalism and of neoconservatism.

So then, it is my view that Soros is engaged in a fantasy if he thinks that a global government will somehow be any more effective in protecting the masses from predatory lending than sovereign nations. If we consider that the central banks are a part of globalization, part of the New World Order, it would seem that they have proven themselves untrustworthy and ill equiped to protect the masses from top down class warfare. The one world government would likely be accountable to no one, and would be able to dictate all manner of financial havoc upon the populations of the world. George says that would not happen. But how could he guarantee that without holding bankers accountable in the present crisis?

The advantage of a New World Order for Soros is that taxes could be collected and people couldn’t run from paying and taking their responsibilities. However, based on the Matt Taibi article exposing the payment by the Fed to tax cheats in the Cayman Islands, I am not too confident that a one world government would go after the rich who construct it!

With Soros wanting to remake the entire world economy with the Bretton Woods meeting held on April 8, 2011, he wants the US to take the lead in this world order. And there will be some heavyweights there, like Gordon Brown, who never met a New World Order he didn’t like. 

I just caution people to understand that without prosecution of the bankers like we had in the Savings and Loan era, the financial cabal will laugh at all Old and New Orders that refuse to hold it accountable. We must demand accountability for the toxic loans and bets on those loans that went bad, or any hope for a just World Order will remain just pipe dream and maybe just another scam to avoid.

It would be just disturbing if we had to enlist the neocons to protect us from the globalists. But as it stands now, with this big finance desire to push both parties to global world order, we are really entering uncharted waters, dangerously uncharted waters. Our liberties may be at risk, as our way of life.

These discussions need to be open and transparent, George, or I am sorry to say, we Americans just can’t trust you. How can we trust secrecy? We reject a world order that doesn’t represent us. How can you guarantee us that it ever really would do so as long as those who sold fraudulent bonds made up of crap mortgages aren’t prosecuted under RICO laws? 

This is why, again, I appeal to the US government to reject the desires of the Neocons and Globalists alike, and seek the national interest if our politicians refuse to. And I don’t mean seek a national interest that is rationalized into some form of world domination. Russia won’t stand for it. And our children and grandchildren won’t be safe with the greed of man as a driving force for elite prosperity. Only our military can seek peace, because if they don’t, there can be no real world stability. Seems that our civil leaders have abdicated principled governance.