Is Facebook Rewriting The Industry Standard For User Engagement?

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Is Facebook Rewriting The Industry Standard For User Engagement? (Mashable)
The “monthly active users” metric has long been the industry standard for user engagement in social media. However, when Facebook unveiled its daily active users figure for the U.S. last week — 128 million — industry professionals began wondering if Facebook if in the process of rewriting how we study social media engagement. Read >

Facebook’s Login Feature Opens Up To All (TheNextWeb)
Facebook has released an updated mobile Login, which will now explicitly ask app users to verify whether they want the app to share content to their Facebook friends and timeline. Read >

Facebook Makes Ads Prettier With Shutterstock Partnership (TechCrunch)
Shutterstock’s millions of free stock images are now baked into Facebook’s ad creator, in an effort to make marketing content more eye-catching. Read >

Social Media Strategy Is Now All About ‘Earned Media,’ Generating Free Exposure For Campaigns (BI Intelligence)
In a new report from BI Intelligence, we define what exactly earned media means in the context of a modern social media strategy, analyse how to make earned media via social media a strategic focus, detail the various different approaches and methodologies brands are using to generate earned media via social media, and look at the various benefits and potential disadvantages of generating earned media via social media. Read >

Yahoo, Foursquare In Talks Over Data Partnership (BuzzFeed)
Foursquare may be looking to monetise its vast collection of data about venues and locations by partnering with Yahoo, according to sources familiar with the matter. Foursquare has also reportedly been in talks with Apple to serve up it location data. Read >

LinkedIn Redesigns Group Pages (LinkedIn Blog)
LinkedIn has launched a more streamlined look for Groups that will give managers and members the ability to customise and visually differentiate their conversation space.

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