Is Facebook Opening Up The User Data Firehose To Developers?

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook will start offering developers access to a firehose of user activity next month, ReadWriteWeb reports.Developers will be able to see aggregated stats on the contents of users’ public Facebook feeds. ReadWriteWeb is unsure exactly what will be included in the data stream.

This is broadly similar to what Twitter already does, and should be of huge value to developers.

The trouble, of course, is with privacy concerns. Facebook is unlikely to offer up anything that users set as private.

Privacy advocates were already up in arms when Facebook made updates fully public as the default setting.  Actively distributing that data will only make them angrier.

The announcement will come at Facebook’s developer conference F8, where the company is also set to announce the addition of location data to updates.

Bonus: More on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s history with privacy violations

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