Is Europe About To Scream?

edvard much scream


This is from CNN in 2003:

For those who have ever wondered why the sky was a lurid red in “The Scream” — Edvard Munch’s painting of modern angst — astronomers have an answer. They blame it on a volcanic eruption half a world away.

In the first detailed analysis of what inspired the painting, an article published Tuesday in Sky and Telescope pinpointed the location in Norway where Munch and his friends were walking when the artist saw the blood-red sky depicted in the 1893 painting, and offered an explanation for why the sky seemed to be aflame.

It’s not unrealistic that if this ash plume doesn’t go away soon, and it continues to snarl air traffic and it does affect agriculture, this could have an impact on eurozone GDP.

See the range of possible impacts here >

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