Is Dylan Ratigan Ready For This?

Later this month, Dylan Ratigan will begin his new gig as an anchor at MSNBC. We wonder if he’s really ready for what goes on at that network. It’s midday programing make his old Fast Money seem downright slow.

Just the other day, Joe Scarborough called Ratigan a “spaz” when he co-anchored for a bit.

But that’s mild compared to this MSNBC interview today. Anchor Contessa Brewer was lit into by John Ziegler. Ziegler, a guy we have never heard of, apparently interviewed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in response to a recent Late Show with David Letterman Top 10 List that referred to her style as “slutty flight attendant.” Ziegler starts out on a combative note, referring to MSNBC as “Barack Obama’s Official Network.” Zing!  It ends with Brewer demanding that Ziegler’s microphone be turned off.




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