IS COLLEGE WORTH IT? 57 per cent Of Americans Say Nope


Photo: Courtesy of Pew Research centre

The majority of Americans think that college is not worth it.57% of the general public thinks the U.S. higher education system fails when it comes to providing students with good value for their money, according to a new Pew Research centre study. 

The report is based on a telephone survey of 2,142 American adults ages 18 and over, and an online survey of 1,055 college presidents.

However, adults who did not earn a bachelor’s degree feel as though they would be making $20,000 more per year if they had gone to college. This estimate matches the Census report’s annual earning gap between a high school and a college graduate of $19,550.

And, 94% of parents surveyed expect their kids to go to college, college enrollments have reached record levels, and the majority of college graduates said their education helped them grow intellectually.

57% of the general public think the cost of college is not worth the value received

Only 22% of the general public think college is affordable

But 86% of college grads say it was a good investment

College grads think they would make $20,000 less a year if they didn't go, and Census data agrees

College tuition prices have been on a steady incline since the 80's

As the prices go up, most think students and their families are responsible for the cost

Almost half of students with debt say it's hard to make ends meet after college

College presidents think the U.S. higher education system is heading in the right direction...

Less than a quarter of them think the U.S. has the best system

More than half of college presidents think public high schools are not doing a good job preparing students

And 64% of college presidents think we will not meet Obama's 2020 goal

Most think the main purpose of college is to teach workplace skills

Only 55% of adults who went to college thought it prepared them for a job

The general public ranks a college education as one of the least important factors for a young person to succeed

Most people without a college degree said they did not go because they had to support a family

Yet enrollment in college continues to grow and has reached an all time high

And so has the average amount of student loans

Still, less than 20% of Americans 25-64 have a Bachelor's degree

So if you're still planning on college, apply to one of the best value schools

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