Is Brock Lesnar Done?

The MMA world is still buzzing about Brock Lesnar. Lesnar officially pulled out of his UFC 131 fight with Junior Dos Santos citing a return of diverticulitis. No timetable has been set for Lesnar’s return which poses the question as to whether Brock will ever step back into the octagon.

“I tell you one thing: I’m not retiring,” he said. “This isn’t the end of Brock Lesnar. It’s a speed bump in the road.” An inspirational statement from the former UFC champion indeed, but an accurate one?

The rise of Lesnar in the world of MMA is nothing short of remarkable. I’ll be writing more about that later this week. The former amateur and professional wrestling star looked unbeatable for the first two years of his UFC career. Unfortunately his last two fights exposed a lot of weaknesses in Lesnar’s UFC game although it appears his health has been the biggest chink in the armour for the former champion.

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