MOBILE INSIGHTS: Is Blackberry Mounting A Comeback?

blackberry q10

Is BlackBerry Mounting A Comeback? (Bloomberg)

BlackBerry delivered 7.7 million smartphones in the three months ended in May, according to a Bloomberg survey. It seems BlackBerry loyalists are still snapping up the devices. Read > An Anatomy Of A Smartphone Manufacturer’s Product Fumbles (Wal Street Journal)
How HTC lost its way. Read >

Has Mobile Advertising Failed? (Digiday)
The counterintuitive solution to the problem of mobile ad woes might be to erase the notion of mobile advertising altogether. Instead of forcing ad sales teams to sell mobile and desktop ads, all ad units should be cross-screen and cross-device. That’s how investment in mobile ads will pick up. Read >

Instagram’s New Video Feature Racks Up Uploads (CNET)
Five million clips uploaded in the first 24 hours. Read >  

Movie Studios Win With Paid Mobile App Tie-Ins To Blockbuster Releases (Mashable)
Monsters University and Man Of Steel, two mega-productions from Hollywood, both had hit app games in the app stores recently. On June 23, the Monsters University game app was in 15th place in the app store rankings for paid apps, according to Distimo. Man Of Steel had reached similar rankings a few days before. Read >

Mobile Coupons Cause Half Of Customers To Mull In-Store Purchases (Mobile Commerce Daily)
A study from RetailMeNot shows that mobile coupons can be a useful tool for nudging mobile users to buy in-store. 51% in the survey said they would consider buying in-store if they received a location-targeted coupon. Read > 

Vodafone Set To Buy German Cable TV Firm (Vodafone)
This is an important $10 billion deal, in which Vodafone would acquire Kabel Deutschland. As Vodafone’s CEO said in justifying the acquisition, German consumers are accessing data and TV content across devices. This is a bet on media and data convergence. Read > 

Twitter Wants In On Location-Based Ads (Ad Age)
Twitter had fallen behind to Facebook in the race to show relevant ads to users based on their locations. Soon, promoted tweets will be shown to mobile users near retail stores or shopping areas. Read > 

How To Conceptualize Your Users For A Gamification App (B2C)
According to this take on gamification, there are four different types of users who embrace gamified experiences: the socializer, the achiever, the philanthropist, and the free spirit. There are tools and features you can add to your product that will give you a shot at engaging each type. Read >


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