Is Bill O'Reilly Going Soft On Obamacare?

Bill O'Reilly

Last night O’Reilly had Lou Dobbs on his show, who attempted to blame the rise in premiums and drug prices on the healthcare law, saying that the law was purposely trying to make insurance companies raise their costs so that people would be forced to leave private insurance in favour of… well that he didn’t mention. So, according to Dobbs, insurance companies are now raising their prices to make up for the customers they know they are going to lose. 

But O’Reilly did not seem to agree. As he pointed out, premiums and drug prices were going up every year anyway. And if there is no healthcare reform, what is going to keep prices down exactly?

Dobbs’ answer was to have insurance companies be allowed to sell over state lines, creating more competition, with no mention of getting rid of the anti-trust exemption that insurance companies currently enjoy.

Their conversation ended with this exchange:

O’Reilly: So you say… if it’s repealed, the free market will drive the cost of medical things down?

Dobbs: No, there are a couple of steps in between. Amongst the steps will be an absolute discussion, a debate, nationwide on the issue of healthcare…

O’Reilly: You can discuss all you want but everybody’s paying the money out of their wallet.  

Dobbs: And that is why it’s urgent that it be replaced.

O’Reilly: I don’t know. I think there’s gotta be some control in this area cause this is life or death…

Wait, did Bill O’Reilly just advocate for more government regulation over the healthcare system?

Video below.

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