Is Bernie Madoff Dying?

Buried in a Page Six item about Larry King’s “severe” exposure to Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme is the rumour that Madoff could be dying of pancreatic cancer.

“Several sources have told Page Six that Madoff himself has serious health issues. Some have even said the former money manager has pancreatic cancer. Madoff’s lawyers declined to comment,” Page Six reports.

Uh-oh. Could this be the reason Madoff finally decided to fess up to his lifetime of scamming? If Madoff has pancreatic cancer, he’d have little to lose (except his reputation) by admitting to his fraud. Pancreatic cancer has a very, very low survival rate. At Bernie’s age, it’s basically a quick death sentence. And since he is confined to his home, he’s obviously not receiving treatment. Typically, pancreatic cancer is not detected until it has metastasized, at which point the odds of surviving for more than five years is just under 2 in 100.

If Page Six’s sources are right, Bernie may never see the inside of a jail cell.

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