UPDATE: Popchips Yanks Ashton Kutcher's Racist Ad

ashton kutcher popchipsAshton Kutcher in brownface for Popchips.

Photo: Popchips

UPDATE: Popchips has pulled a YouTube video featuring Ashton Kutcher in brown makeup as an Indian character, “Raj,” who uses a video-dating service.Popchips CEO Keith Belling wrote on his blog:

“We received a lot feedback about the dating campaign parody we launched today and appreciate everyone who took the time to share their point of view.

“our team worked hard to create a light-hearted parody featuring a variety of characters that was meant to provide a few laughs. we did not intend to offend anyone. i take full responsibility and apologise to anyone we offended.”

You can see a version of the now-pulled ad below.

EARLIER: The New York Times reported that Ashton Kutcher “Shows Many Faces” in Popchips’ $1.5 million ad campaign. It failed to mention that one of those faces is in the equivalent of blackface.

Kutcher plays four different men in a fake video dating commercial: a Bruno-like fashion guru named Darl, a Russel Brand-esque hippie named Nigel, Swordish the biker, and finally Raj, an Indian in brown facepaint who says, “I was in a milking contest and I won it.” The spot was made by ad agency Zambesi.

While Kim Kardashian, Jillian Michaels, Patti Stranger, and other celebrities are singing the ad’s praises, others are calling it racist. Rapper Das Racist has tweeted, “Hey @aplusk, what’s with the racist brown face video you talentless, pretending to care about sex trafficking piece of shit?”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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