Is Allen Stanford An Asset Of The CIA?


As we noted earlier, a federal agency killed the SEC’s investigation into Allen Stanford back in 2006. We don’t know which one it is, but some commenters suspect it could’ve been the CIA.

After all, last year, Stanford’s Venezuelan offices were raided on suspicion that the billionaire was a US government tool, involved in spying

Telegraph: Officials from Venezuelan military intelligence raided a branch of his offshore bank over claims that its employees were paid by the CIA to spy on the south American country.

The officials spent three hours searching files and documents at offices of Stanford International Banks in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, removing several of them for closer inspection.

The Stanford Group’s spokeswoman, Lula Rodriguez, denied that any of the bank’s employees were involved in spying. Read the whole thing >

If the SEC doesn’t know where Stanford is, is there any chance the CIA does?