SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Is Alex Rodriguez A Better Postseason Hitter Than Derek Jeter?

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Alex Rodriguez is just 1-12 in this year’s playoffs with seven strikeouts and has just three hits in his last 30 postseason at bats. This has some calling ARod a bust and saying he should be benched.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have some that will point out that Rodriguez actually has a higher career OPS (.855) in the postseason than Derek Jeter (.844). Below is a look at the total bases for each hitter in their postseason careers. And until recently, ARod was actually ahead of Jeter’s pace.

Of course, one issue here is expectations. Rodriguez’s career OPS (.945) is 116 points higher than Jeter (.829) in the regular season. And just saying “ARod has a higher playoff OPS” would be like saying Usain Bolt beat Justin Bieber in a 100-yard dash, but failing to mention that it was actually a close race…

Alex Rodriguez vs Derek Jeter

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