Irving Azoff Parts With Billionaire's Beach Pad

If you haven’t heard of the name Irving Azoff, then you should definitely buff up on your music industry knowledge. Azoff has certainly made a name for himself in the music arena as a high-profile music business manager, having managed everyone from Christina Aguilera to Guns ‘N’ Roses and Van Halen.

Now, Azoff hopes to parlay this success by selling his Carbon Beach, California property for $13.75 million. If you are a fan of Azoff’s management skills or the numerous artists he has worked with, also including Jewel, Josh Groban, Bush, and the Eagles, then this is a time to get a fantastic property in the middle of stardom!

Azoff is parting with his Malibu, California Carbon Beach home, which is now on the market for a pricey $13.75 million. Despite the hefty price tag, it may actually be a great deal; Carbon Beach is not called “Billionaire’s Beach” for nothing. It is naturally home to a plethora of millionaires and billionaires that own the surrounding properties. With all things considered, $13.75 million isn’t so bad after all.

Carbon Beach represents the priciest beach-side neighbourhood along the Pacific Coast Highway and plays host to the homes (or secondary beach homes) to a ton of millionaires, including Azoff. One reason for the high prices includes the beautiful sandy beaches that are relatively rare in Malibu. Unlike other beach-side residences nearby, the Carbon Beach homes have immediate access to very sandy beaches that are not filled with uncomfortable rocks. When you purchase a home on Carbon Beach, you’re purchasing for prestige and for high quality, beach-side relaxation with others living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Why, exactly, is Azoff parting with this home despite its prime location? It is true that Azoff will probably not miss the home since he has multiple properties across the country – including three pads in Beverly Hills alone. However, this home is absolutely stunning and is the perfect beach-side five-bedroom, five-bathroom location for anyone wishing to enjoy the beauty of Malibu.

Maybe Azoff has plans for an upgrade. Or, maybe he has too many properties to visit each year and Carbon Beach is among one of the homes he and his wife Shelli visits less often? Either way, this is a great opportunity for another millionaire (or billionaire) to jump at a beautiful home with an incredible view and be in great company.

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