A mystery Chinese bidder paid $91,000 for an 'Iron Man'-themed Samsung smartphone because its serial number is 'lucky'

An “Iron Man”-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone has sold for a staggering $US91,000 in an online Chinese auction, Android Authority reports.

The smartphone is part of a limited edition brought out to mark the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and features a custom red-and-gold colourway. It’s technically a limited-edition, but it’s likely to be fairly easy to come by — 16 million of the devices are being produced.

Samsung galaxy s6 avengers iron manSamsungThe device also comes with an Arc Reactor-style wireless charger.

So what’s the reason for the extraordinary price? It’s all down to the device’s unique serial number — 66. 6 is a lucky number in China, and 66 doubly so. As such, when the smartphone went up for sale on online retailer JD.com in China, bids went stratospheric.

According to Android Authority, more than 92,000 bids were placed before the winning bid of $US$US91,635 was placed. (There’s no indication yet of who the new owner is.) It puts to shame a previous Iron Man Galaxy S6 handset that sold for the not inconsiderable sum of $US35,000.

So, besides the shiny colours and fancy serial number, what is the mystery big spender getting that owners of the regular Galaxy S6 Edge don’t?

In short: Nothing.

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