Iron Boy is Australia's own superhero and he's fighting crime in Sydney today

In a bid to take down the evil Ultron, the NSW Police and Make A Wish Australia have turned to Iron Boy: a nine year old with cystic fibrosis whose dream is to be like Marvel’s Iron Man.

Thanks to a granted wish through the Make A Wish foundation, which supports ill children, Iron Boy, whose real name is Domenic, will be flying in helicopters and rescuing a damsel in distress at Sydney Harbour today.

This morning, to Domenic’s surprise, he was picked up from his home in Sydney’s south-west by a police helicopter and taken to police headquarters in Parramatta for an emergency briefing with the police commissioner Andrew Scipione.

His task? Save Make A Wish reporter Hope Joy from Ultron on Clark Island. Once he saves Hope, he has then been tasked with fighting crime at the steps of the Sydney Opera House around 1:30pm.

He successfully saved Hope Joy after fighting one of Ultra’s henchmen at around 12:10pm today and has begun making his way over to the Sydney Opera House for his final showdown.

Now even Ironman himself is behind him.

Business Insider is down at the Sydney Opera House to welcome Iron Boy when he touches down.

Here’s a look at the crowd that has gathered to see him.

Other kids are holding signs saying: GO IRON BOY!

Photo: Harry Tucker.

People are chanting for him!

The evil Ultron has arrived and is waiting for Iron Boy too.

Even the tactical response team is there to help Iron Boy if he needs it.

It’s a showdown!

Iron Boy is winning!

Success! Sydney, you are safe once more!

Police Commissioner Scipione says, “Sydney has faced a lot of challenges… Sometimes you need to call on the super heroes.”

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