A New Irish Pub Is Only Accepting Job Applications Through Snapchat

Sober lane pubFacebook.com/soberlanePartiers celebrate at Sober Lane’s Cork outpost during the World Cup.

Snapchat’s disappearing photos are ideal for sending incognito messages to your friends.

An Irish pub opening soon in Dublin, on the other hand, is finding new uses for the photo-sharing app.

Last week, the pub, ironically named Sober Lane, tweeted that it would only be accepting job applications via Snapchat.

The recruitment ad encourages applicants to “forget discretion” and have a little fun with their Snapchat photos.

According to the Irish Examiner, the pub is looking to hire between 15 and 20 people in bar, wait staff, and chef positions. Sober Lane owner Ernest Cantillon said that they received about 200 Snapchat applications within an hour of posting the recruitment ad.

Cantillon said that sending Snapchats allows potential hires to show off sides of themselves that wouldn’t come across in a standard resume. Since the photos and videos sent by applicants will only appear for a few seconds, bar staff will be able to decide quickly whether they’re interested in a candidate or not.

“First impressions are everything in our game. Sober Lane Cork is quirky and different. It’s all about fun, and it’s driven by our staff, who pick the music, and we don’t do uniforms,” Cantillon said to the Examiner. “If someone has a good personality, it will come across on Snapchat and we’ll offer them a job or invite them in for a chat. If they have the right personality, we can teach them the skills they will need to work with us.”

Cantillon already operates a Sober Lane outpost in Cork, in addition to several other bars there. The new Dublin pub will open on July 16.

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