CASTLE PORN OF THE DAY: The $18M Irish Palace Of Your Dreams



Ever thought about living the high life in a 10th century castle, complete with servants’ quarters, stables, and 60 acres of land?Probably.

So for you, a special St. Paddy’s Day edition of

House porn of the day > 

Castle #1: Kinnitty Castle in Kinnitty, Ireland

The 10th century neo Gothic castle sits on approximately 61 acres

It's home to three reception rooms, a grand Drawing Room, Dining Room, and Library

One of the 40 full baths

And 36 additional bedrooms to chose from

Interior brick and dark wood set the mood

Narrow corridors characteristic of the building style

With some modern touches

An aerial view

Castle #2: a 21,000-square-foot behemoth in Mallow, Ireland on sale for $8.9M

It dates back to 1585 and has eight reception rooms

It sits on 30 acres of land

A Gothic staircase makes a strong statement

Wooden panels line the walls

An easy escape

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