Ireland criticises The Following Ads For Being Sexist And Misleading


THIRTEEN ADVERTS HAVE been censured in the latest report from the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland, which was released yesterday.

Some 22 promotions on TV, radio, online and in print had been reported to the ASAI for possible breaches of its code of standards, with fifteen complaints coming from the public. Viewers were offended by a wide range of issues. One wrote to the ASAI about a Renault ad which showed people singing “irresponsibly” while driving, while another complaint was upheld over a radio promo in which a child’s voice was heard saying “It’s feckin’ great.”

Several ads were reported for sexist portrayals of women. The ASAI also dealt with complaints from rival brands – with Heineken Ireland objecting to a Budweiser Ice Cold campaign which claimed it was “the coldest pint ever”. (The makers of Budweiser in Ireland, Diageo, agreed to stop using the tagline.)

The ASAI upheld complaints against 13 promos on grounds including truthfulness, principles and substantiation. Some 11 complaints were rejected. Here we look at some of the ads which left viewers fuming on their futons:

Car Buyers Guide – Photoshoot ad

Complaint: Demeaning to women (Upheld)

No Nonsense Car Insurance – Sex change ad

Complaint: Offensive to transgender people (Not upheld)

Heineken – Train compartment ad

Complaint: Suggests that beer helps you attract the opposite sex (Not upheld)

Renault Scenic – I Love Rock & Roll ad

Complaint: Encourages irresponsible driving (Not upheld)


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