Ireland Baldwin Reveals She Met Her Boyfriend Over Twitter

Ireland Baldwin‘Posing for Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair,’ Ireland Baldwin posted this week.

While Brad Pitt’s struggle to save his troubled film “World War Z” landed the cover of June’s Vanity Fair, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basigner’s 17-year-old model daughter Ireland Baldwin steals the spotlight inside the magazine.

Baldwin, a prolific tweeter/instagrammer/viner, reveals in a new interview that she met her hunky surfer boyfriend, Slater Trout, over social media.

“[I met Slater through] mutual flirting efforts on the internet. [Twitter is] a modern-day public diary of your thoughts. You have to be careful, but at the same time it’s kind of fun not to be too careful.”

This week, Baldwin even captioned an Instagram photo: “Embarrassing to say I’ve had this photo on my computer before I even fell for the guy.”

Baldwin goes on to discuss her “different” childhood.

“I had paparazzi and other things that my friends didn’t have,” she explains in a video shoot accompanying the magazine interview. “But it wasn’t all that bad, it was fun. I don’t mind it.”

But Baldwin says here recent modelling wasn’t always what she wanted to do.

Ireland Baldwin Slater TroutBaldwin and her surfer boyfriend at Coachella in April.

“My parents would urge me to take acting classes,” says the now IMG model. “My dad always told me ‘you’re going to act, you’re going to model, you’re going to do it’ and I was like ‘no, I’m going to be a veterinarian.'”

“For a while I was interested in creative writing and writing for a show,” she continues. “So I guess that would be my alternate path.”

But Baldwin finally succumbed and today is following in her famous parents’ footsteps.

“I was so defiant and just realised one day ‘one not just try out?’ and here I am now.”

Despite her model-looks, Baldwin tells the magazine she wasn’t always so sure of herself:

“I went through a lot in middle school, and you always try so many different looks and try to be so many different people. I finally realised I’m awkward, I’m lanky, and I’m going to embrace it—make fun of myself and just laugh.”

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