Irate Moviegoer Demands Refund, Throws Computer Through theatre Door

David Vaughn went to see Iron Man. After a projector malfunction, theatre employees refused to give him his money back. Instead, they offered the more common alternative of a voucher for another film.

So what did he do? He started yelling that he was being ripped off and then ripped a computer monitor from the ticket counter and hurled it through a glass door. The monitor ended up under a table in the food court, and Vaughn was arrested in a nearby JC Penney where he was sweating profusely, no doubt over the potential ramifications of what he’d just done.

Casper Star-Tribune: A customer at the Eastridge Movies 4 theatre told police he threw a computer monitor through a glass door Tuesday evening after being refused a refund.

Police arrested David Anthony Vaughn, 55, at the Eastridge Mall on suspicion of property damage and disturbing the peace. Vaughn told the officer who arrested him that “he had done the right thing in the war against injustice in the world,” according to a police affidavit.

Officers responded to the theatre just after 7 p.m. and found Vaughn sweating profusely near the shoe department at JC Penney.

He told Sgt. Richie Randel that theatre employees refused to give him his money back after the movie projector malfunctioned when he was watching “Iron Man,” according to an affidavit signed by Randel. Instead, the employees offered him a voucher to see another movie.

According to witnesses, Vaughn became agitated as theatre employees tried to explain their policy to him, yelling at workers and telling other patrons they were being ripped off. One customer heard him say that he was going to get his money’s worth before he ripped a computer monitor from the ticket counter and threw it through the glass door.

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