Irate CNBC Viewers Threaten to Kill Jim Cramer

Some CNBC viewers express their loathing of Jim Cramer by threatening to kill him, Cramer says. Having gotten some death threats of our own back in the day, we find this very easy to believe.

You can’t open your mouth as an analyst/commentator without pissing someone off, and no matter what you say, a certain species of near-human will occasionally react by threatening to kill you:

“You know, look, obviously I’ve had a lot of death threats,” Cramer said. “They’re actual death threats. And, you go to the state police and the state police go to the local police and the local police call the guy and that’s what you have to do, or you bring suit against them. I’ve had to do a lot of that.”

Cramer emphasised his active response to anyone who threatened his life.

“You know, the death threats are not cool,” Cramer said. “You know, anybody with a death threat, I go after them with everything I have.”

As well he should.

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