Here Come The Iraq War video games: 'Six Days In Fallujah'


Combat video games are hugely popular, but Japanese game publisher Konami is under fire for doing the arguably obvious: Making a war-based video game about the ongoing Iraqi conflict, to be called “Six Days In Fallujah.”

The game hasn’t hit shelves yet — it’s due out sometime later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. But already a British colonel and the father of a slain British soldier are calling for the game to be banned.

Even though Konami interviewed some Fallujah vets for realism and received their blessing, the decision to publish a Gulf War game is gutsy. (That’s not to say it’s unprecedented to use an ongoing war as a backdrop for entertainment — note dozens of World War II movies made during the war.)

But for Konami, game sales are the most important numbers. Would you buy “Six Days In Fallujah?”

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