Iran To Sue Russia For Not Delivering On S-300 Missiles

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Today, Iranian ambassador to Russia Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi announced that Tehran has filed suit against Russia in the International Court of Justice for not honouring a deal to sell them S-300 missiles. The contract dates back to 2007, and specified the delivering at least 5 of the weapons, reports The Jerusalem Post.There are two things you should know here:

  1. There is a United Nations resolution that banning weapons contracts.
  2.  The S-300 is a mobile, long-range air defence system that can detect, track and destroy ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and low-flying aircraft.

Back when the deal started, Russia claimed that Iran could have the missiles because UN Security Council Resolution 1929, which enforced economic sanctions of Tehran, made no mention of S-300s.

But then came the “reset” of Russian relations with the West, lead by the United States in 2009. By May of the following year, Russia was supporting UN sanctions against Iran. By June, Russia was saying it would “freeze” its sale of the S-300s. Also, that their sale would be in violation of UN sanctions against Iran.

Iran is arguing that since the contract was signed in 2007, it should be honored because it predates the 2009 sanctions.

Now we see what happens in the Hague.