See How Iranians Really Feel About Nukes, Sanctions And The US

iran people

Photo: Flickr/Unicefiran

You know that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad likes nukes and hates the US, but what does the average Iranian think?We’ve compiled some fascinating charts of popular opinion from a RAND study published last spring.

Almost everyone supports nuclear power

They are more split when it comes to nuclear weapons, with majority being against

Notably the youngest and the oldest generations are in favour of nuclear weapons development

Women favour nuclear weapons more than men

Educated Iranians are more likely to oppose the nuclear weapon development

Poor Iranians are more likely to be in favour of nuclear weapons

Most Iranian believe their economy to be average or poor

At the time of the survey (2010) sanctions were seen as having mixed results

Women were more likely to rank the impact of sanctions as negative

More poor people also saw the sanctions as negative

Most respondents opposed reestablishing relations with the U.S.

In this case, women went with the majority

As did the middle class and the poor

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