Here comes a pivotal announcement on the Iran nuclear talks ...

Iran nuclear talksRuben Sprinch/ReutersUS Secretary of State John Kerry looks out of his room at the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel during a break during the Iran nuclear program talks in Lausanne April 1, 2015

After the longest US negotiating session on foreign soil since 1919, the latest round of Iranian nuclear talks will reportedly conclude with the sides issuing an announcement that progress has been made and that the negotiations will continue.

Iran and the EU representatives present at the talks in Lausanne, Switzerland are “expected to read a joint statement” at around 1 pm EST on April 2nd, according to the New York Times. This statement will be followed by separate press conferences from Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, the Times reports.

At the same time, it’s still unclear exactly what’s going to be announced, even though its obvious by now that it will fall well short of the hoped-for political framework agreement. As
the Associated Press reports, the sides have reached “the outlines of an understanding that would open the path to a final phase of nuclear negotiations” — but the two sides have not decided how much of this “understanding” should be announced in public. CNN also reported on air that the sides “still don’t know what they’re going to say” when an announcement is made.

The sides have negotiated for seven straight days and blew through a March 31st deadline for a political agreement. Now, at almost the final moment — after 3 foreign ministers left hte talks and Germany suggested they could collapse entirely — the sides have at least reached an agreement on how to describe the talks’ inconclusive ending.

And even then there’s still plenty of remaining suspense about what, if anything, they will actually announce later today.

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