The Real Wikileaks Story On Iran: It's Becoming The Mexico Of The Middle East

Iran Air Bases

Regarding Iran and Wikileaks, the main focus has been on the fact that leaders throughout the Arab world are suspicious and angry at Ahmadinejad & Co.

But Middle East watchers are pretty unsurprised at this.

Mike Riggs at The Daily Caller susses out a more interesting — and perhaps more destabilizing — revelation, which is that Iran is now viewed as the Mexico fo the Middle East, when it comes to drug trafficking.

“According to widespread rumour, many Iranians in Baku are involved full- or part-time in Iranian regime-related profit making, sanctions-busting, money laundering, and similar activities,” reads a March 2009 cable from the American embassy in Azerbaijan, the country on Iran’s northern border. “Some are also said to be significant actors in obtaining spare parts and equipment for the Revolutionary Guard, raising revenues and managing money for it and/or regime figures, or managing Iran-origin narcotics trafficking.”

Another cable from Baku, dated June 2009, claims that “Iran-origin heroin seizures (i.e., heroin derived from Afghani and Pakistani opium that entered Azerbaijan from Iran) in Azerbaijan nearly quadrupled during the first quarter of 2009, as compared to the first quarter of 2008.”

Read the whole thing >

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