Iran Has Enough Uranium To Build 5 Nuclear Bombs And Is Constructing Another Reactor

nuclear reactor

Photo: Flickr Swobodin

With the Baghdad P5+1 talks winding down into a malaise of frustration and finger pointing it doesn’t look good for Iranian nuclear negotiations. Not that it ever looked good, but this latest round of talks gave the optimists something to hold on to.Here’s a quick rundown:

Iran’s PressTV says talks were doomed from the start by the “Zionist lobby on the American [political] party” as well as the U.S. press that portrays the “Iranian side in a negative light.”

Scott Peterson at The Christian Science Monitor does a nice job of wrapping up the pieces of the crumbling talks in his piece and explains that Iran found Western expectations different than they had been in Istanbul during the previous round of talks.

The P5+1 group (the United States, Russia, China, Britain,France, and Germany) want Iran to halt all enrichment at 20 per cent and for Tehran to shut down the Fordow enrichment facility.

The Baghdad talks have ended without any firm resolution and will reconvenes in Moscow June 18 and 19.

In the meantime, the IAEA found that Iran has been enriching uranium at up to 27 per cent at the Fordow facility. Though it’s unclear if this is intentional, or part of the output sample that can skew high during initial refinement.

Fredrik Dahl at Reuters reports that Iran now has enough enriched uranium for five nuclear weapons if its refined “much further”.

And finally, the AFP reports today that Iran is building another nuclear plant by 2014 right alongside its Bushehr plant in Tehran.

Israel has gotten somewhat silent on the Iran topic lately, but Amos Gilad, chief of the defence Ministry’s Diplomatic-Security bureau, said: “[Iran is] now at the point where they could develop nuclear weapons, yet on the other hand need to postpone a decision to go ahead by a few months.”

So more of the same then as the world speculates on the likelihood of an Israel attack on Iran and whether the U.S. will step in if they do.

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