Iran Claims (Again) To Have Some Awesome New Military Gear To Show Off


Iran is claiming

via their state news agency to have “made great strides in the production of military equipment.”

The report says that Iran will soon unveil a new drone, a new tank, new submarine, a new missile, and an already widely debunked stealth fighter jet that can “take off and land on short runways.”

The Iranian’s new weapons obviously have really intimidating names like “The Conqueror” for the fighter jet or “The Farsighted” for the drone.

This isn’t the first time that Iran has made lofty claims about their military prowess.

Back in April, we reported about how the Iranian military offered no evidence that they had tested an advanced rocket that was so amazing, it “made all the enemies’ destroyers and ships retreated from near our borders.”

For all the bellicose rhetoric, there isn’t actually much to the Iranian military.

The reality is that Iran falls somewhere between Japan (which doesn’t have a military) and Indonesia on the global firepower scale.

Their military expenditures amount to around $10 billion, or 2.5% of their GDP, which ranks 54th globally.

Most analysts agree that Iran’s military is defensive in nature, designed to slow down an assault in order to seek diplomatic ends, not so much project power.

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