IR Papers: Quiz edition


1. Chief financial officers get involved in material accounting manipulations because:
a) They succumb to pressure from their CEOs
b) They want the money

2. The quality of earnings reported by politically connected companies around the world is significantly:
a) Better than that of similar non-connected companies
b) Poorer than that of similar non-connected companies

3. Yale University investigators find evidence that, following the SEC’s 2003 proxy voting disclosure rule, mutual funds’ support for management equity incentive plans actually:
a) Rose
b) Fell

4. What effect have environmental shareholder resolutions had on the pollution management practices of US corporates?
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Neutral

5. How much more likely are analysts to cover local IPO firms than non-local ones?
a) 25 per cent
b) 51 per cent
c) 67 per cent

6. The percentage of analyst stock recommendation changes having a visible share price impact is:
a) 12 b) 36 c) 100

7. Among large Hong Kong firms, good corporate governance:
a) Predicts future market valuation
b) Has no impact on future market valuation

8. Institutional investors sell the stock of firms that appoint women to their boards because:
a) Profits tend to suffer
b) They are biased against women

9. A mix of different educational backgrounds in IR teams:
a) Dampens shareholder activism
b) Has no effect on shareholder activism
c) Is linked to increased shareholder activism.

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