Theresa May is now the most unpopular prime minister ever at this stage in her premiership

Theresa May
Theresa May now has historically poor ratings NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images

LONDON — Theresa May is now more unpopular than any other former British prime minister at this stage in their premiership, according to a new opinion poll released today.

The Ipsos Mori /Evening Standard poll finds that May has a net satisfaction rating of minus 25%, which is lower than the pollsters have ever recorded for a prime minister just one month after a general election.

May’s ratings are now worse than all of her predecessors at a similar stage in their premiership since the pollsters first started conducting polls in the 1970s. Her ratings are now 24 points lower than Jeremy Corbyn whose own ratings now stand at minus 1%.

Ipsos Mori / Evening Standard satisfaction ratings

Theresa May

  • Satisfied: 34%
  • Dissatisfied: 59%
  • Net: -25%

Jeremy Corbyn

  • Satisfied: 44%
  • Dissatisfied: 45%
  • Net: -1%

Corbyn is now also more popular with his own party supporters than May.

However large sections of the public are still struggling to see him as a potential prime minister. May still leads Corbyn by 46% to 38% as the “most capable prime minister.”

The poll also finds Labour ahead of the Conservatives by 1%.

Ipsos Mori / Evening Standard poll

  • Labour: 42%
  • Conservatives: 41%
  • Liberal Democrats: 9%
  • UKIP: 3%
  • Greens: 2%

A YouGov poll published last week showed that a majority of Brits wanted to see Corbyn involved in Brexit negotiations with the European Union.