iPope: The Vatican Does Social Media


Move over Pandora, the Pope’s got an iPhone app

Released last week, the app, called H2Onews, is part of a Catholic news wire project (same name) sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. It serves up an impressive stream of writings, audio, and videos news. And that’s just the beginning: Benedict XVI’s got a Facebook app, YouTube Channel and a Wiki!

Here’s why this matters:

The Church has figured out a way to bypass the filter of traditional media and communicate directly with its most enthusiastic followers. This from an organisation that took over a century to reform itself in the face of mass schism and exodus.

The Catholic church is facing a major labour shortage in the developed world. Up until recently, the church’s main response has been to ramp up imports, primarily from Africa and Latin America. With this move, the Church has begun the process of using technology to substitute capital for labour. Not a bad idea for any non-tech company trying to engage with and market to the younger, more tech saavy crowd. Smart businessmen, those Cardinals. 

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