This iPod Speaker Dock Plugs In Anywhere -- Even The Bathroom

waldok with ipod nano

Photo: Tested

Fact: Kickstarter makes awesome projects like Robocop statues possible and is a common outlet for inventive concepts to gain the funding necessary for production.You can tell an idea is dynamite when a few days of blog coverage helps it rake in $44,000, and the WALdok is one such project.

The WALdok is an iPod/iPhone docking station that plugs into a wall outlet and has a speaker built directly into the unit.

Consider it a Glade PlugIn for your iPod. Except way cooler, since it produces music instead of flowery fresh scents.

The WALdok’s creators originally envisioned it as a docking station specifically for the miniature iPod nano, aimed at some specific use scenarios: come in from a run and plug the nano into the bathroom WALdok while you take a shower, use it in the morning instead of fumbling around on the computer for music.

The prototypes uses a bass chamber to give music some low-end rumble and a 40mm driver that sounds good for such a diminutive unit.

Potential Kickstarter backers made some obvious comments: why make it a nano-only device? Why not support the iPhone, iPod touch and iPod Classic? 
So they did. The designers even modified the unit with a flip-plug for convenience and portability. A smart move, considering the design also calls for an internal battery providing between 6-12 hours of playback away from a wall outlet.

WALdok is set to enter production on April 8. If you kick in $59 to the project, you’ll be one of the first to receive a WALdok once the units roll of the assembly line.

We hope designer Hern Kim goes with the mockup that combines transparent plastic with steel and black for a final design–it’s one classy lookin’ iPod dock.

This post originally appeared on Tested.

Jam to your tunes in the bathroom

It looks just like a Glade Plug In

Modified for the iPod Classic

The WALdok is also compatible with the iPhone 4

Nice design

It fits where your normal iPod dock won't

A sleek add on for the iPhone 4

An artist's rendering of the WALdok

Like accessories for Apple products?

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