Forget Photoshop, iPhoto Is The Only Photo Editor You Need On The iPad


Photo: Dylan Love

Alongside yesterday’s introduction of the newest iPad, Apple also released iPhoto for iOS.We spent some time familiarising ourselves with it this morning. So far our take on it is as follows — it can be as easy or as complex to use as you want.

Do you want to do some cropping, maybe rotate an image? iPhoto can handle it. Or do you want to adjust white balance and run your image through some fancy filters? iPhoto has you covered there as well.

Here's the original, unaltered image we'll start with

Tapping on the artist's palette in the bottom left brings up sliders to adjust aspects like saturation and skin tones

This slider tool lets you simultaneously adjust shadows, contrast, brightness, and highlights

This is the gradient tool, a way to run your photo through some cool filters to achieve some interesting looks

If you go with a more artistic gradient, you can make your photo look like a watercolor painting

We love the crop tool, which lets you scale and rotate your photo with ease

And 90-degree rotations are a tap away

If any of this got too complicated along the way, tapping the question mark always revealed useful descriptions of what each tool was for on a given screen

Once your photo is complete, tap the share button to unleash it on the world

This is just a very rudimentary example of a Photo Journal -- everything you see is customisable with stylised text and the option to add more photos as a way to visually catalogue an event

Want to see the new iPad?

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