The iPhone was the camera of choice in 2017, but standalone cameras still have a loyal following

Your smartphone’s built-in camera can’t match the photo quality and features offered by a standalone camera, but that’s not stopping most people from using their phones to take pictures. According to recent data from photo-sharing site Flickr, charted for us by Statista, smartphones are far and away the most popular photographic device.

Half of the photos uploaded onto Flickr in 2017 were captured by phone cameras, while digital SLR cameras accounted for one third of the pictures. Point-and-shoot cameras, once the standard tool for amateurs to snap red-eyed photos of family dinners and birthday parties, are now a distant third place.

When it comes to smartphone cameras, Business Insider’s Antonio Villas-Boas found the iPhone 8’s camera to be the best of the pack. And Flickr users seem to agree: more than half of all photos uploaded to the service in 2017 were taken on an iPhone.

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