China Arrests Men For Tunneling Into iPhone 6 Warehouse

More iPhonesare now being sold in China than anywhere else on Earth. But instead of lining up to buy iPhones at the Apple store, three men in Beijing took quite a different approach.

Police said Wednesday they had arrested three men for digging a tunnel into a Beijing warehouse and stealing 240 iPhone 6 handsets, state-run Xinhua News reported Wednesday.

The phones were collectively valued at 1.4 million yuan, or about $US228,496. 

According to Xinhua, one suspect, whose last name is Chang, knew the warehouse because he used to be a driver for the logistics company that owned the building. The reportedly men entered the warehouse through a 50-centimeter hole they dug through a wall between Dec. 12 and 13 — that’s when they stole the phones.

Xinhua says the men later sold the phones, spending most of their earnings on “cars, gold, and gambling.”

The three men were arrested late last month. Police found them by tracking the serial numbers on the stolen iPhones.

Last fall, Apple saw a ton of iPhone pre-orders in China, at least in part because China Mobile, China’s biggest carrier, started to sell it. And Business Insider’s Sam Colt reported Wednesday that analysts are anticipating more demand for the iPhone in China this year —  
especially for the iPhone 6 Plus

[Via Xinhua News]

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