Oops, iPhone Trademark Already Taken In China

iphone china 200x150

Local company Hanwang Technology Co. owns the “i-phone” trademark in China, says Computerworld.

Apple plans to introduce the iPhone in China sometime next year, and is in talks with telecom company China Unicom, but has had no talks with Hanwang, which sells electronics and handwriting recognition devices.

Apple applied in 2002 to register the iPhone in China, but only in the hardware and software categories. Hanwang snagged it in the phone category.

Chinese law will not allow Apple to sell the iPhone in the country unless Apple getse Hanwang’s i-phone trademark revoked (which could take up to four years), or strikes some sort of deal with the company.

So expect a deal. After all, it had to do the same dance with with Cisco in 2007

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