IPhone Sales Are Going To Be Off The Charts

Yet another analyst is predicting a record quarter for iPhone sales.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote a note Tuesday morning predicting Apple sold up to 69 million iPhones last quarter.

That’s in line with other analysts that think Apple sold about 70 million iPhones in the holiday quarter.

The number is slightly up from Huberty’s earlier estimates. Last month, she wrote that Apple would likely sell 67 million iPhones. Before that, she predicted 62 million iPhone sales for the quarter.

Morgan Stanley analysts track iPhone demand by analysing web searches and talking to supply chain sources.

If the estimates are even close to the mark, then it’s going to be a record quarter for Apple. It sold 51 million iPhones in the year-ago holiday quarter.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, either.

The fourth quarter of 2014 was the first full quarter the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were available. Just days after launch, Apple was already calling it the most successful launch ever. Apple sold over 10 million iPhones the first weekend the iPhone 6 went on sale.

The iPhone 6 also went on sale in China during the fourth quarter. China is one of Apple’s most important growing markets. The iPhone continues to do well there despite steep competition from smartphone makers like Xiaomi and Lenovo, which also make really nice smartphones.

Apple reports earnings on Jan. 27. We’ll have the official tally for iPhone sales then.

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