Now Analysts Think Apple Can Deliver Monstrous iPhone Sales This Quarter

Apple Lines iPhone 5 New York
No more waiting in big lines for an iPhone 5?

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Apple’s iPhone 5 manufacturing has improved, and now it’s likely to beat analyst estimates for the holiday quarter, says Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu.In a new note, Wu says, “there is likely upside to what looked liked aggressive consensus iPhone expectations of 45-46 million units for the December quarter.” (In English, he’s saying Apple is going to sell more than 46 million iPhones, which would beat expectations.)

This is an important trend to keep an eye on. Last month, investors were worried Apple couldn’t make enough iPhones to keep up with demand. It looks like that wrinkle has been smoothed out.

Wu also says Mac sales are going to be lighter than expected because of supply constraints. And iPad Mini sales are going to come in light for the same reason.

That said, Wu’s raising his overall numbers on the back of strong iPhone sales. He’s calling for $54.6 billion in revenue and $13.70 EPS, compared to Street expectations of $54.4 billion and $13.30 EPS.

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