Check Out These Almost-Unrecognizable Early iPhone Prototypes


Photo: AllThingsD

The iPhone that was introduced in 2007 looked nothing like most of the prototypes designed behind the scenes at Apple HQ.In fact, we were straight-up shocked by some of the designs revealed by AllThingsD — some of them are clunky and angular, lacking that fine Apple-brand finish that we know today.

All these designs have entered the public domain because of the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung.

These sketches reveal a familiar phone...

...but this design looks quite alien to us

Here's a blocky rectangle of a phone

Now we're getting somewhere, but this looks a bit thicker than we're used to

Another chunky phone

These edges look pretty sharp

And the harsh right angles continue

This one has a 3GS-ish look to it

But this is a very unfamiliar look for Apple

Want to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve?

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