See How Popular The IPhone Is In Your State With This Map

An interesting new study shows how popular iPhone usage is throughout individual states in the U.S., and it turns out that Alaska sees the most iPhone usage with 65.5% of total observed smartphone traffic originating from iPhones.

The study was conducted by Chitika Insights, which sampled “hundreds of millions” of smartphone ad impressions from December 25 through December 31, according to MacRumors.

The results were obtained by looking at the aggregate data observed from the “tens of thousands” of apps that Chitika’s Cidewalk mobile ad platform plugs into. If someone in the sample opened an app that was a part of this ad platform, Chitika would then count this as using that app. Chitika then calculated the percentage of a state’s total smartphone app traffic that originated from iPhones specifically.

Along with Alaska, states such as Montana, Kansas, New York, Mississippi, and Vermont all saw iPhone usage between 55% and 65%. The state with the lowest iPhone usage was New Mexico with 40.5% iPhone usage. Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Iowa, Delaware, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana all saw between 40% and 44% usage.

So what does the data tell us?

Chitika Insights reported that while iPhone usage doesn’t appear to correlate with geography or overall population, there does appear to be a state-by-state correlation between iPhone usage and education level, as well as population density. This means that among states that with a high percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, there tended to also be a higher rate of iPhone usage.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a measurement of iPhone ownership, only iPhone usage. These results examine how much of a state’s smartphone use originates from iPhones, but the actual percentage of iPhone owners could be more or less than the percentage you see.

You can see the complete state-by-state breakdown of iPhone usage over at Chitika.

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