iPhone On Verizon: The Plot Thickens

For well over a year, rumours have indicated that the iPhone – currently exclusive to AT&T – will soon come to Verizon.

But while most of those rumours proved to be nothing more than wishful thinking, there is mounting evidence that Verizon and Apple will finally have a big announcement to make.

Earlier today, we received a tip stating that certain Verizon shareholders have been informed that the iPhone is indeed coming to the wireless carrier. Benzinga immediately placed calls to Verizon, but a representative said that the company is unable to comment as it does not discuss its plans.

Calls to Apple were not returned at press time.

While the tip could not be confirmed, it is one of many in a long line of recent developments. In October 2010, a report suggested that Apple was gearing up for production of 25 million Verizon iPhones. That same month, Lowell McAdam, President of Verizon Communications Inc., said that he believed that at some point, Verizon and Apple’s business interests would align. “I fully expect it, but I don’t have anything to say,” he said at a press conference.

Last week, Bright Side of News reported (via Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes) that a Verizon iPhone launch was imminent. Just a few days ago, BusinessWeek published a detailed story on the iPhone, suggesting that an announcement could come sometime after this month’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Until then, Apple would be wise to spend its time working out the kinks of its current AT&T-exclusive iPhone, which caused a stir this weekend with the heavily reported alarm clock anomaly.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the antenna issues that plagued the iPhone 4 last year, which were quickly followed by numerous delays of the white-coloured version of the phone.

– Louis Bedigian

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