iPhone On Verizon Still Unlikely For This Year

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Photo: Associated Press

Despite yesterday’s report from the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone will not be on Verizon this calendar year, according to analysts at Credit Suisse and UBS.Bill Shope at Credit Suisse writes in a note, “we continue to believe that Apple will not support Verizon” until calender year 2011.

He notes the Journal wrote that the phone is expected to be manufactured in September, but “the schedule could change and the phone may not be available to consumers immediately after production begins.”

“In other words, we wouldn’t count on a Verizon iPhone for the holidays,” writes Bill.

Meanwhile, Maynard Um at UBS writes, “we believe a launch of a CDMA-based phone with Verizon this year is unlikely but believe a CDMA phone could be launched with other operators later in the year (China Telecom and KDDI are possibilities).”

One thing Maynar, Bill and the Journal all agree on: We’re getting a new iPhone for AT&T this summer.

Of course, that’s not much of a surprise. Apple has refreshed the iPhone every summer since launch.

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