Next iPhone Will NOT Have NFC Mobile Payments, Says Bernstein

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Apple’s next iPhone, said to be called the 4S, will not have the mobile payment support through NFC (near field communication) says Bernstein in a note this morning.We don’t have the full note, just highlights from a Bloomberg terminal.

NFC is a chip that transfers information wirelessly. It could be things big and small.

Something big: Put the chip in your phone, then wave your phone at a register and pay for things.

Something small: Imagine CDs shipping with NFC in their cases. Then you buy a CD, tap it to your phone and all the songs on the disc load into your phone automatically. (This example came from Google’s I/O conference.)

rumours have been swirling back and forth on whether or not Apple would include NFC in the next iPhone. For the most part, the technology isn’t that widespread yet in the U.S. So, Apple’s decision to skip NFC on this iPhone probably isn’t a big deal.

(Also, Bernstein says NFC can add $15-$30 billion in incremental revenue for high end mobile companies. Apple, with 20% of the high end mobile market, could end up with $4-$9 billion in extra revenue. We don’t have the full report, so we’re not sure how Bernstein comes up with those numbers.)

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