THE TRUTH ABOUT THE iPHONE: 7 iPhone Myths Put To The Test

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The iPhone has become a huge part of people’s lives, and as with everything that becomes important, myths have started to form about it.With all the noise out there surrounding the iPhone, we dug around to see what’s really going on.

We didn’t need any guns or motorcycles to test these myths, but we hope you enjoy them anyway.

MYTH: It is illegal to jailbreak an iPhone.

BUSTED. And the U.S. Library of Congress agrees.

Apple has continually tried to sell jailbreaking as being illegal, but has never taken action against someone who jailbroke his phone. With a body like the Library of Congress stating that jailbreaking is plainly not breaking copyright law, you should feel free to jailbreak away.

MYTH: The iPhone dominates the market.


Apple loves to call iOS the most popular mobile platform on the market, and this is true if you tally up every iDevice that's ever been sold.

In strict terms of phones that are presently being used, Android is soundly in first place.

MYTH: The iPhone screen scratches easily.


Certainly any screen will scratch if you try hard enough. Are you keeping your phone loose in your pocket with keys, coins, and pens? You might get a scratch down the road.

The current iPhone screen is made of Gorilla Glass, a chemically strengthened piece of class that is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic.

If you're concerned about it, use a case and screen protector.

MYTH: It's hard to make money on your app if Apple takes 30%.


30% is no insignificant amount, but what really matters is having a good idea. Angry Birds made a killing despite Apple taking its share because it was fun and well-executed. And the famous 'I'm Rich' app, while silly and pointless, was a well-executed money-making idea.

MYTH: Touching the antenna kills my service.

CONFIRMED, but with a caveat.

Early iPhone 4 customers certainly had issues with reception when holding their phones a certain way (a problem easily remedied by using a case). But the noise has pretty much died down by now.

MYTH: You can't print from the iPhone.


Third-party apps have enabled printing over wi-fi for some time now. And a printing functionality called AirPrint was built into a new iOS update, so now you can print natively if your printer supports it. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of AirPrint-compatible printers.


It's really not. Plenty of stupid apps get approved all the time provided they meet a few rules about usability.

We've even written about stupid apps before.

Stop worrying about your iPhone and just have fun.

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