Here’s Why iPhone Marketshare Might Be Bigger Than You Think*

steve jobs

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Update: We looked into it and the ComScore report is done via survey not ad tracking so this criticism might not apply.Previously:

Android is thought to be surging past the iPhone in marketshare, but entrepreneur and investor Chris Dixon posted an interesting take on his personal blog.

He spoke with “the CEO of an iphone/android app … that has had 30+ million downloads”, who says that “market share figures from ComScore [et al.] are wildly distorted because they track via things like ads and those are all higher on android since people don’t pay for apps there and instead apps are ad supported.”

So iPhone marketshare could be higher than reports are saying.

This CEO also says “iPhone users download apps 5:1 over Android users and [their] willingness to buy [is] even higher.”

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