iPhone Maker Foxconn Is Looking To Set Up Factories In The US

foxconn ipad

Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn is exploring plans to build plants in the United States, DigiTimes reports. It is looking at Detroit and Los Angeles.

Foxconn is notorious for manufacturing iPads and iPhones in bad working conditions. It has been the target of numerous investigative reports from the Wired, The New York Times, PRI, and ABC, to name a few.

It has also been a PR-issue for Apple, which has to defend its decision to manufacture products in China, as well as the bad working conditions for people making iPhones and iPads.

DigiTimes says its unlikely the U.S. plants would be making iPhones because they are too labour intensive. Instead, they could be making LCD TVs which are more automated.

There’s been rumours of an Apple TV for a long time. Depending on when Apple makes a TV, and when Foxconn sets up shop, it will be the first Apple product in a long time to be made in the U.S.



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