I Tried The iPhone Keyboard That Lets You Type More Than 100 Words Per Minute

There are plenty of keyboard apps out there to help you type faster, but I’ve never seen anything quite like Nintype, the new iPhone keyboard that promises typing speeds up to 130 words per minute.

Nintype uses a combination of methods to achieve this speed. It’s designed to be used with two hands simultaneously, and while you mostly swipe from letter to letter, you can also use taps to indicate a double letter.

The ability to touch multiple letters simultaneously is especially helpful for small words consisting of two letters, as you can literally tap both at the same time and it’s on to the next word.

There’s also plenty of shortcuts for accessing punctuation, saved texts, hashtags, and emojis without switching keyboards (you just type a description of the emoji like “smiley” and swipe down on the x key).

Because there’s a bit of a learning curve, Nintype suggests users start by using the keyboard normally and slowly graduating to more swipes and shortcuts, and there’s a great little tutorial that comes with it if you need some practice.

Unless you’re familiar with the intricacies of Nintype, the tutorial is a good idea. I learned quite a few tricks in the tutorial I likely wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, and it includes a ghost-like images of fingers that showed me step by step how to quickly type out larger words.

I like Nintype’s flexibility the most. If you’re like me, you’re used to typing on the iPhone’s default keyboard, and Nintype doesn’t penalise you for typing normally, that method still works just fine. The longer you use it, however, the more natural the swipes and types become, and I soon found myself speeding right along, though it will be a while before I’m approaching anywhere near 100 words per minute.

You can see a great demo of Nintype in action below, courtesy of MacRumors’ Matt Gonzalez, or head on over the App Store to download Nintype for $US4.99.

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